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Monster: Soooo how was Japan?
Diego: Pretty good I guess. Aside from, y'know, not ever actually leaving the dorm because everything was so hectic.

Diego: My only regret is that I never got to visit Disneyland...

Diego: ...but it was okay. How was your hibernation?
Monster: Good. I had some recurring dreams about chewing glass and being chased around by farm animals, but it was mostly good.

Monster: I kinda missed hanging out like this.
Diego: Yea.
Monster: We should get Voff to come along too. And I really can't wait until Kalista gets here!

Noir: Where is she?! WHERE IS SHE!?!??
Monster: Whoa!
Diego: Is that a friggin Noir?!

Noir: WHERE IS SHE!!!!
Monster: Um! Who!!

Noir: .....okay, this isn't working out.

Noir: Behold, my horrible eyes. Whatever. Now tell me where she is!

Diego: We don't even know who you're talking about!

Noir: K...kuh...KALISTA!! I'm looking for KALISTA! Where is she?!

Monster: She's still holding the fort at our old place! She hasn't made the move yet!
Diego: What do you want with her anyway? ...wait, don't tell me... you're a Noir... she's a Bianca... there's got to be some sort of connection...

Noir: As expected of a Shade! I suppose she never told you about me! She never regained her memory? Heh heh.

Monster: OH! No, she did, she did! You must be... Kalista's sister!
Diego: I was just about to say that!!

Noir: Yes, it is I... I am Estella! The rightful queen of Toy Luxembourg!
Diego: If you're the rightful queen of Toy Luxembourg, what are you doing here?

Estella: A revolution happened and I was banished. Which is, by the way, something I take great pride in. My iron fist was too much for the people! It can't be helped!

Diego: Um... okay.

Monster: Well... if you need the power of friendship, I'm sure we're all happy to welcome you to the Dreamsh--
Diego: Monster wait!!

Diego: Have you forgotten what she did to Kalista?!
Monster: But since she's here, don't you think she seeks reconciliation? Everyone deserves a second chance.
Diego: Dude did you even hear what she just said?!
Monster: Yeah but... yeah...

Estella: Well, whatever. If Kalista's not here yet, I'll just lay low for a while...

Estella: I'll be watching, though...

Estella: If I manage to convince the landlady to screw my head open and fix my eyes there might be a time I'll be watching only figuratively, but you know what I mean...

Estella: Later...

Diego: Wow, her eyes were YELLOW.
Monster: Diego!!
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