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After randomly remembering that hey, Edward Scissorhands IS one of my favorite movies!!, I went ahead and bought the Taeyang... that they released in 2007 or something... yeah, why I didn't get him before, I have no idea! I never thought I was going to get another Taeyang, but I'm glad I did because he is really amazing! (Note to self: date of arrival May 7th)


Face. By the way, my light sources for this photoshoot was sunlight AND lamp light, so the "lamp" white balance turned out a bit too blue like in the two first pics, and the "sun" white balance turned out a bit too yellow! I went with the sun setting for this shoot, but I'll definitely experiment with it some more.

Right hand. They're absolutely AMAZING and the scissors can move!!!



Left hand actually has one less pair of scissors, but is just as amazing.

Both hands.

Pretend something interesting is going on in the background...

The ponies love Edward and his mad hair styling skillz!

Rarity: I'll be sure to recommend you to all my friends, darling! I have a lot of friends, you know, being a pony and all.

A dumb little accessory he came with. Are they bunnies?

Or some sort of... alien species?

His civilian clothes!! I bet you could fit two regular Taeyang bodies in there!


Lookin' sharp.

Bonding time with Wolfgang... okay this is DEFINITELY too yellow.

All in all: Edward Scissorhands the Taeyang is AMAZING and has AMAZING details!! The same can definitely not be said about all other dolls in the Pullip series, but I think he justifies his price tag.

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