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Blythe: Oh, OH! I think I know what this is!

Blythe: It's my special mail-order FREAK! OH I'll be right back!! Don't touch anything!

Diego: Well, let's open this thing!
Alex: But Blythe said...

Diego: How do we even know it's for her? It's got no name on it! As the resident detective, it's my duty to investigate it!

Diego: Let's see now...

New dude: SPROING!!!
Diego: AUGH!!! WHOA!!!!

New dude: Ah, at long last! Someone has open-ed my box! Um... Ah, little strange animal people! I feel right at home already!
Ivy: Are you a genie in a bottle type person? Do you grant us wishes?

New dude: I am no such thing! I am a Jacques-in-the-box!
Ivy: A jack-in-the-box?

Jacques: No, a Jacques-in-the-box. Now which one of you is Blythe?

Blythe: I'm ba--oh MAN! You opened it? I leave you alone for ONE minute!
Alex: It wasn't us, it was Diego! I tried to stop him! But then he fell off the shelf!

Blythe: Oh Jacques, this is such an underwelming welcome. I was the one who was supposed to open your box.

Jacques: Ah, then you must be Blythe! The ringleader of this circus! It is entirely my pleasure! And do not worry, my dear, nothing is more thrilling for a Jacques-in-the-box than startle-ing the box opener so that he falls off the shelf!

Blythe: Well, my circus is actually back in like, Sweden or something. Come to think of it, I'm not entirely sure which country it is. Our landlady brought us along to Japan on a secret mission or something, I forgot what it was.

Blythe: Anyway, I don't like your box. It's so tall and awkward. What's up with that?
Jacques: Yes... it was the only way to fit my whole body at the time. I have since reduced my torso a little though, so I should be able to fit into something shorter. I did not get the time to make a new box, though.
Blythe: Well then, let's go look for one! There are plenty of boxes around this place!

Jacques: I do not think I can fit into this.
Blythe: Well... good. The dogs are sweet but what's with the ugly anime guys.

Blythe: No... this one's too wide!
Jacques: I cannot fit into it while standing upright either and that is kind of the point of Jacques-es-in-the-box.

Blythe: This one is adorable. I love it.
Jacques: I guess it could function as a travel box. But I do think I am looking for something a little more solid.

Blythe: This one looks like it was hastily thrown together in five minutes.
Jacques: Maybe so... but I like this one. It is exactly like my old box only shorter. I think I could settle down here for a while.
Blythe: Well... all right. Maybe for now.

Blythe and Jacques: SEEYA NEXT TIME FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!

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