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This year I spontaneously decided to throw myself into the ever popular take-one-picture-of-a-toy-every-day challenge! Which I have seen go by many names. I have decided to go with A Doll A Day, because dolls are what I will be taking pictures of. What counts as a doll, though, is entirely up to me. So far all the photos have been taken with my smartphone because I need it to be convenient in order for this to be something I do every day, but I don't have a particular rule about this. I hope to update the Dreamshelf every week or so with how the project is coming along! Starting NOW!!!

DAY 1: My newest doll, Jacques, putting away his Christmas decoration.

DAY 2: Time to burn the tree!

DAY 3: Alonso with an anime body pillow. The character in question has a pet hamster, and Alonso is the closest I have to that!

DAY 4: I obtained a Rody gum ball machine, and Diego tries to beat the system.

DAY 5: The day my friend and I finished our Star Wars marathon.

DAY 6: January 6th is ATOBE KINGDOM DAY!!!

DAY 7: Who's this douchebag?

DAY 8: Middie and Megan did a clothes swap to see how their bodies compare. They did not fit into each other's shoes.

DAY 9: My search for a place to recycle my blueberry containers has been in vain so far.

DAY 10: I visited my ferret-keeping friend this day! This ferret is my favorite, Oatmeal.

DAY 11: ONWARD! Diego is very excited about my new gigantic plush roach tissue box cover, Blythe not so much.

DAY 12: The day I went to the temporary Pokemon Cafe in Shibuya! Normally I'll try to avoid dolls-next-to-food-I'm-eating type pics, but I'll of course make an exception for POKEMON.

That's it so far! And just for fun, I'm going to count how many times each doll is featured in a photo! This is totally random and unplanned so it'll be interesting to see which dolls I subconsciously favor (or well, at least which dolls I find the easiest photographing)...

Jacques: 1
Ivy: 3
Alonso: 1
Diego: 3
Middie: 1
Megan: 1
Alex: 1
Igor: 2
Blythe: 1
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