Oct. 15th, 2012 06:28 pm
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Okay so I might have gotten a bit distracted again but HERE'S MY TINY TOKYO DISNEYLAND HAUL POST FINALLY!!

Lady and the Tramp!! I love them!! I love this plush set! I love how they're made of different materials just like the fur of dogs differs from breed to breed!!!

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SO YEAH. THESE. It's already been a few months since I actually obtained them, but I never got around to post about them because i just couldn't quite put it into WORDS! I'd been looking for Huey in particular ever since I first started online shopping (to be fair I didn't starr ACTIVELY looking unlike like last year; before then I just did an ebay search for Ducktales once in a while). The stupid thing is that I'm not a big fan of Ducktales, nor do I think of the nephews as wonderful characters. This was a case of wanting to re-obtain a favorite childhood toy.

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Apr. 26th, 2011 08:52 pm
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I'd like to introduce you to MY CHILDHOOD!!!

MORE LATER!?!? I'm a bit too tired to write full entries at the moment, but I wanted to at least make some kind of post on the day I received Huey here since he's been on my want list for years.
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In one of my previous Pokemon entries, you may have noticed a certain woodland creature being pummeled by Regigigas. Today we'll take a closer look at this deer and his little animal chums! They all come with their own little stories that I spent all last night translating.

SO LIKE, everyone in the forest are chums! During the ever-changing seasons, what kind of stories do they have to tell?

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May. 20th, 2008 11:37 am
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FRIDAY: GUESS WHERE I WENT THAT DAY, GUYS!!! CANAL CITY!!! I actually didn't mean it, but I sort of just... ended up there after discovering that I did indeed remember the way. YAY!!!

This is my loot... WHAT, not big enough for you?! GIMME A MINUTE!! It's not QUITE Regigigas season yet (the official Tomy figure was released the day after, der), and while there was lots of more stuff there I wanted, I didn't want to buy it all on my first trip! They DID have a GIANT Regigigas plushie there and I want it SO much, but I'll wait and see if I get enough space for it. Maybe I can just... carry it along with me? The very first time I flew home from Spain four years ago, I carried along this ginormous floppy Charmander plush I bought right before I left.


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Dec. 8th, 2007 04:42 pm
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...tell me, am I a total weed for buying presents for my Dollcenas...? It's okay, you can be honest! I CAN TAKE IT!!!

In my own defense though, I love Chip and Miss Bunny myself. Chip was one of my greatest childhood heroes, and Miss Bunny... well let's just say that I totally dig how she's an extreme minor character, yet she managed to get so much merchandise with her face on it! POWER TO THE MINOR CHARACTERS!!

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Merry Christmas, guys!! To celebrate the Best Time of the Year, allow me to present... Riditoys: the Christmas Special!

First, a pic of my dollies posing with my gift pile!

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For the past few of who-know-whats, I've EXCITEDLY waited for the mailman to drive by, only to be disappointed to see spam, newspapers and those annoying Christmas cards from friends of momma and daddy. A FEW DAYS AGO HOWEVER! I got a package. Had to pick it up at the post office though. I wasn't able to post pics of them until now because I've been sick.

Annnd it's Dodger and Oliver! I've been meaning to get these for quite a while seeing how Oliver and Company is my favorite Disney movie ever. They both look a little... CRIPPLED, but I guess it makes them adorable. Love how insanely beardy Dodger is, he looks like Fidel.

Here they are posing with Tito, who is REALLY old. Even older than Buster, GASP. Oliver and Company has been my favorite Disney movie my whole life as far as I know.

A new package of mine arrived at the post office today, but because of its RETARDED closing times, I wasn't able to pick it up. Those morons need to think more about the poor people with screwy internal clocks.

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