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So here they are, the long awaited tour of my dollhouse, The Dreamshelf! Unfortunately, all the pictures had to be taken with flash for clarity. Sniff... Oh well, on with the tour!

The game room! I've had a fun time filling it with miniature board games and little trinkets I saw fitting. I should give it a more colorful wallpaper and better flooring, but I do dig the little wall decoration robots.

The TV room! I've made posters of my favorite cartoons by printing out little pictures. It would've been fun to cover the WHOLE wall with posters with no wall visible, but I don't think I have that many favorite cartoons!
The television is a little picture frame from a home trinkets shop. It's currently showing The Squishy Bearz... and has been since I "installed" it. I'm gonna need to print out some more screenshots.

The circus! It's kind of under construction. The poor balloon tree has deflated significantly... How does one make everlasting balloons?

This room is under construction, but serves as a nice storage room for all my leftover doll chairs. Never mind the big pile of glow in the dark plastic bugs.

The living room sort of place! The Ikea furniture set is so great I bought two. I love this room.

The library, which I think is my favorite room! It does, after all, house my favorite piece of doll furniture ever, the fantastic writing desk. I thought it would be fun to have little rope ladders connect the rooms, but so far I've only made one, which looks a little out of place but oh well!

The bedroom! I'm very fond of this room too. I love doll beds and buy new ones whenever I can... unfortunately they're usually very expensive so it's not very often.

This is Blythe's lair. We're a communist Dreamshelf and no one actually owns any of the rooms, but Blythe likes to claim this as her own and no one really seems to mind. They all come and go as they please anyway. Blythe is very fond of her duck wall art that she refers to as her goth ducks.

Closeups of my framed weevil photos!!! I googled them specifically under the "okay to use but not for money" terms so it should be all right. I wanted my dollhouse to have a recurring theme, and decided on weevils because they're the cutest bugs.

Weevils are so cute and having the walls full of them is such a fun random theme that gives me chucks!

The frames are really halfassed but did I ever mention I'm not a perfectionist???
So far only three rooms have been graced with weevil wall art, but I'd also like some for Blythe's lair and the game room. I don't think they'd quite fit into the circus and the TV room, but I might be able to squeeze some in as an easter egg of sorts.

So there you have it! The shelves I use are generic Ikea Billy shelves. They're only 30 cm deep. Ideally I'd have liked deeper shelves (like, 50 cm maybe) for more room, but I'm working with what I've got at the moment. Maybe I'll do an upgrade next year. We'll see!

Date: 2014-08-28 03:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] happyjolteon.livejournal.com
Wow, the house is so cute and detailed! Love it. :)

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