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Kotobukiya's new Cyandog model kit figure was released in January, and I just barely had time to pick him up and piece him together before I left Japan. I was absolutely ecstatic back when this figure was first revealed about a year ago. Cyandog is my favorite Medabot, and I'd been hoping against all hope that he'd be the next in line to get a new figure. I could hardly believe my eyes when it turned out my wish was coming true!

This was going to be the frigging figure of the YEAR. Let's see how that turned out.

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Hey, toy fans! I'm back in Japan for a while. Before I dive into the toy adventures I'm having here, I need to post some stuff I photographed before I left! It won't take long. I... hope...

First of all, in celebration of my favorite Medabot, Cyandog, getting a brand new figure release in a few months, I decided to take some pictures of my favorite Medabot figures.

This is a fairly big Cyandog figure. I bought him nine years ago and have long since lost his packaging, but after some quick research online I figured out he's from a series of figures by Hasbro simply titled "Medabots". These figures were obviously made for the non-Japan market. I bought my Cyandog (and the rest of my Medabots toys at the time) in Spain.

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After YEARS I finally got around to painting Plamo Cyandog's head parts! It's not a good paintjob by any means, but it SURE beats icky peely stickers.


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I can definitely feel immense awesomeness radiating from this package.

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Nov. 26th, 2009 05:56 am
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The Jakks Sumilidon figure is a LOT tinier than I expected, which is adorable! Or maybe my other Jakks figures are just huge. Here he is together with a Monster Collection Leafeon.

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Jul. 24th, 2009 01:38 am
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Pilot Fluff Pendleton made his grand entrance today so I was GOING to shoot the next BARNYARD COMMANDOS episode, but...

I didn't really feel like removing my snugglemuffin.


Let's have a look at my Medarot shrine!! Nothing new, just rearranged.

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My preorder for Pokemon Pearl has been shipped out, and I got some D/P 1/40 figures today. Hooray!

While I prefer the penguins, I also love the other two starter lines. The Hikozaru line is like the Torchic line only with monkeys! Swell.

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Oct. 7th, 2006 02:44 pm
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You know it's from Rinkya when 80% of the package is filled with newspaper!! If not, the big shiny Rinkya logo should clue you in. WHAT'S INSIDE???

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Special thanks to Fidel for being an absolute darling and not trying to steal or chew on anything while I opened it! OH HE IS GROWING UP SO FAST!!
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Feb. 27th, 2006 05:48 pm
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Traaa laaa laaa I'm not expecting any new stuff for a while so I MIGHT AS WELL CONTINUE MY RETARDED PHOTOSTORY.

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These WOULD be the best things EVER if there only was an Iwanoi included... and a Cyandog and a Kagamiyama and a Rintaro and a... LANDMOTOR. But still! Aren't they AWESOME?? Ikki and Brass kinda look like zombies but everyone else OWNS.

I got a set of so-called Mini Gacha Poke Machines, one of them pictured here. They included a crapload of Pokeballs that are PEEEERFECT for some certain figures of mine.

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WELL HERE IS THE FIRST ANIMANIACS GROUP!!! Morio and Orino got the chance to have their picture taken together with them.

Here's the second group posing with MARUMINE!

Morio and Orino got extremely jealous of the small Animaniacs group so I let them have a picture with Electrode taken as well.

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ME: Shut up, El Mascot. They're not dolls, they're FIGURES. See? Their hair and clothes are made of PLASTIC!!
El Mascot: WHATEVER!!
ME: So yeah, I decided that I wanted to try these figures out BECAUSE: While all my cartoon figures are ultra super SWELL, they all had their own names and personalities to begin with. As for these so-called pinkys, I can come up with names and personalities for them MYSELF!! BESIDES, when I get more parts and stuff, I can do more customization and maybe even create BOY pinkys.
El Mascot: So what are you gonna name these?
ME: WEEELLL... *finds some Japanese name list because these figures are in fact Japanese* The one with the pompoms on her head can be Orino. The other one can be Kyoshi. And since Kyoshi appears to be a boy name, I'm gonna turn this fella into a boy later when I get more parts!!

Totalizer: This is STUPID.
Cyandog: My heeeaaaaad. :(

ME: RETARDBOTS!!! Seriously, these tiny Medarot figures are retarded and sure gave ME a good laugh. Some of these are QUITE frightening, but the Cyandog looks quite nice. Krosserdog looks like he was ran over by a bulldozer.

IKEEEEEE! CYANDOG ARMY!! Instead of ikeing, they decided to take a nap in Fidel's doggy basket.


Dec. 27th, 2005 03:30 pm
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Much much love to Medarot... it's such an underrated but AWESOME cartoon. Like my previous collections, this one's MESSY. Hoping to clean it up soon. I have THREE Cyandogs, I'm gonna start an army if I get more... another one plus a Krosserdog are on their waayyyy.

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